Easter Ideas

Easter tends to fall in our Autumn rather than Spring (as in the Northern Hemisphere).  So this makes it a little more challenging to discuss, as the whole new life/new beginnings of baby chicks and bunnies falls at the wrong time of year! However, as I teach in a Christian ethos school it is important that it is discussed.  I found some great Porcelain Pens which enable you to draw and then bake your drawing onto a mug or in my case an egg cup (once they have been baked they become permanent and dish washer safe).  Easter is fast approaching so I am on the hunt for cheap egg cups.  Each child can draw on their own egg cup and then take it home (maybe with a chocolate egg in it if my budget will stretch).

Porcelain Pens

I did a little test run and they do come out nice and bright.  I only bought two colours,  but if your purse is bigger than mine you could buy more colours.  I have often seen these pens on American web sites, it was so nice to find them in my local stationers.  Would also be good for Mothers Day or Fathers Day crafts.  I find it so hard to come up with new ideas each year!

Easter Egg Pompom Colour Sorting

Packs of pompoms are easy to source at most craft shops.  The pompoms are various colours and sizes. I made egg shape printables with different sized circles on them.  Each A4 egg has a smaller card to match it with the same pattern of circles on them.  The smaller card has its circles coloured a variety of colours. The children had to place the pompoms on the large eggs sorting the correct size and colour in the right place to match the configuration on the small card.  To help with fine motor skills they had to use tweezers.

Easter Card

Easter Chick Card

It’s quite tricky to come up with new ideas every Easter.  This year the children threaded on oval yellow card which we then turned into little chicks.  You just need A4 card and a hole punch to make the holes around the edge.  Threading is an activity that is best undertaken in small groups. You need your patience tank to be full! Children tend to struggle with these types of activities and will get in a tangle very quickly.  I doubt it is an activity that is ever done at home.  After this little experience I have decided to make sure we try and thread more often in class.  Its great for fine motor skills as it encourages them to use their ‘pinchers’  which helps improve pencil grip.


Easter Egg Potato Prints

Using food in art activities never really sits well with me, as we have to try and teach our children not be wasteful and many living in our areas don’t have food security.  However, I could not resist doing this activity.  I also had several less than fresh potatoes at the back of my cupboard.  One reasonably large potato can give you three or may be four pieces to carve designs into.  Luckily I have a very helpful teenage daughter who sat with me one evening carving the potatoes.  To stop the potatoes going brown I stored them in ice cream container filled with water and put them in the fridge.  They will last for a couple of days like this.  We used mixed powder paint poured into polystyrene trays.

Printing is lovely free activity where the children do not have to try and remember to follow instructions. They are free to compose their own designs and have the sensory experience of feeling the cold potatoes and the messy paint.  It is interesting to observe how some children cannot stand the feeling of paint on their hands and want to go and constantly wash their hands.  I love a bit of mess, so I try and encourage them to not worry about how their hands feel and to enjoy the experience.  Some children are very focussed on the end result and will try and sequence different designs, whereas others are more involved in the actual process and don’t worry about how they use the space and colours.