Welcome to Life in the Sandpit!

Welcome to life in the sandpit! My life is certainly messy and I mean literally. Sand, mud, paint, glitter, glue and lots of snotty noses! My name is Jenny and I am proud to be a Pre-Primary teacher based on the sunny South African South Coast.

You know that old saying ‘Those who can’t do, teach’. Well I haven’t always been a teacher I’m a relative newbie, as I’ve been teaching for around 6 years. I previously ran my own business and before that I worked in the banking sector in London (no that’s not why the banks collapsed).  So I guess I have lived outside the schooling environment and I hope my life experience helps me to prepare children for what lies ahead.

When motherhood came along the delight in having my own babies was enormous, I was quite clueless as to what lay ahead. My children were the most perfect children (of course) and I thought toilet training and a few little ‘tantys’ was as tricky as it was going to get. Then school started! What a shock! As a mother I was completely overwhelmed and I found it all a little intimidating. I was clueless about ‘phonics’, what on earth are they!?! Suddenly handwriting was very important even though I had not written anything by hand since I left school (I think I had forgotten how). My daughter was diagnosed with dyslexia in Grade 2 and I watched her battle every day to try and deal with it. Phew! I had so much to learn!

I started a course that specialised in Learning Disabilities and that led me to study a Bachelors in Education degree. I fell in love with the Pre School environment and although I originally planned to become a remedial teacher I knew that my heart was in the sandpit!

I’m sure that like me, you search the internet for ideas that will inspire you. This works up to a point, but how many times do we come across good ideas that don’t fit with the unique diversity of South Africa and its people. I’m sure that I can’t be the only teacher who is frustrated by this so I’ve decided to share my ideas and lessons, most of which have a South African feel to them. Please bear with me as I grow this blog. I will add more resources and ideas as I progress through my themes for the year. I hope you will enjoy hearing about all the highs and lows of life in the sand pit.

About Me

Welcome to Life in the Sandpit. My name is Jenny and I look forward to sharing my view from the Pre-School with you.

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