Coconut and Cinnabun Came to School

Phew! it’s the end of our first term and Easter is nearly upon us. What better way to end our term, but to bring rabbits into our classroom.  So Coconut and Cinnabun joined us for the day.

To fit with our Easter theme one of our class bought in his bunnies for the day.  Any animal added to a classroom of 20 pre-school children creates great excitement!  They definitely became the main focus of our day. It was interesting to watch the reactions of the children. Many have pets so to them there was there no apprehensiveness or nervousness.  For some, however, animals are an unknown quantity and were scared.  Tommy was so excited to share his knowledge about the rabbits with the class.  His confidence was accelerated and he enjoyed teaching the children about how he has to care for them and what they like to eat etc.  An animal takes ‘show and tell’ to a whole new level.

The children in the class were very good with the rabbits.  We sat in a big circle and the rabbits were taken out of the cage and allowed to hop around in the middle of the circle.  Children had to learn a lot of self-control, not to frighten the rabbits and to only touch them gently should they come up to them.  This was a great lesson on how to be considerate of the animals needs and how to show kindness and be gentle.  I was very impressed with my class who behaved so well.

One of our learners struggles to interact and socialise, but he stroked the bunny so softly and his face just beamed.

The emotional benefits of animals in the classroom should not be over looked.  There is probably no better way to teach children about empathy and how to treat others than through animals.  I will definitely bring more animals into my classroom from now on.

To make our day even more hippy, hoppy, happy we read the Velveteen Rabbit.  An old classic but the children connected with the story so well. It led onto great discussions about ‘What is Real?’. Discussions on ‘living’ and ‘non living’ things and what is needed for something to be considered ‘living’.  Then we spoke about if they could make one of their toys ‘real’ which toy would they choose and why?