Mother’s Day

I don’t know about you but coming up with original ideas for Mother’s Day and other special annual occasions can be tricky.  You search Pinterest and try and think back to last year and hope you find an original card to make with a catchy poem.  This year I got my inspiration from a super talented artist Alisa Burke.  She shares her printmaking ideas on her website  She has a video on her page which shows you exactly how to make the prints.  So simple but so effective.  I am keen to try one myself on canvas.

Of course my little artists are only 5-6 years old but from what i saw on Alisa’s video I thought we should give it bash!  Looked like so much fun!

We painted on clear plastic bags (ziplocks will do) then pressed the plastic bag onto the fabric.  We then also experimented with printing with bubble wrap over the top.  You can make multiple prints from one painting and the effect is stunning!

Environmental Mother’s Day Poem!!

I kid you not! Earth Day was not long ago and I wanted to try and inspire my Mommies to stop using plastic bags.  After reading that they take between 400 – 1000 years to break down and that they are causing serious implications to our rivers, oceans etc. I wanted to try and remind everyone that we should not use them.  Mmmm! How to find and environmental Mother’s Day poem?? Never seen one of those.  Luckily our marvelous Katharine Futter, assistant extraordinaire knocked one out for me in 10 mins! Unbelievable!

I couldn’t have done any of this without my Mother-in-Law.  She sewed each and every bag for me, and they were gorgeous.  I loved the shweshwe fabric (South African design) that she managed to use for most of the handles.  I’m thinking we should do this again next year…… I better make sure she gets an extra special Mother’s Day pressie!!